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Gelesen Dezember 2019

58. Silvia Roth, Schattenriss (Das war eher wirr, die TV-Variante Lisa Wagner hat außer dem Namen nix mit dieser Kommissarin Heller zu tun. Einzig Verhoeven ist in beiden Varianten gleichermassen unerträglich.)

57. Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horse (A bastard of biography and novel that may give the reader an idea of life in the western deserts of the USA. Which is nearly as boring as it sounds.)

56. Wendy Walker, All is not forgotten (Twisted story about the human brain and how to manipulate it told by a psychatrist who has his own agenda.)

55. Karen Thompson Walker, Age of Miracles (Very laconic description of an earth were the rotation of the planet slows down more and more.)

54. Wimmer Wilkenloh, Poppenspäl (Husumkrimi. Einer von den regionalen Krimis, die deutlich machen, warum sie in ihrer Nische bleiben sollten.)


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